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Cloudy Summer

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Distilled by
Dave James - Master Distiller
Unique Botanicals

Bergamot Oranges

Summer 2016/17. It wasn’t quite the summer we were expecting, with Taranaki living up to the promise of the Land of the Long White Cloud rather too well.

To celebrate what was really a non-summer, we have produced our own cloudy gin, filled with the promise of bergamot oranges and radiating a warmth that our summer sun didn’t provide this year.

With such intense flavours bursting out of the gin, you will find that as you add your mixer, or even straight from the bottle, Juno’s summer of 2016 gin is carrying its own little bit of cloud. The cloud is the volatile oils of the bergamot oranges. We could have chill filtered them out, but we have had enough chill this year.

So, straight from our still to you, a world first! Cloudy Gin – brim-full of flavour.

Summer Batch J106