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2019: Women of Spirit

4 bottles

$176.00 $165.00

Enjoy all four 2019 seasonal gins in our “Women of Spirit” four-pack. Enjoy 2019 Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter gins in one box set. Ideal for entertaining. Perfect as a gift.

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Can’t decide what season you’d like? Do you change your mind like you change your clothes? This box set of our four 2019 seasonal gins is for you!

Our Women of Spirit Collection features all four of our seasonal gins from 2019. It makes a great gift and, yes, it’s totally fine and justified to grab this for yourself if you’re a four-seasons-in-one-day kinda person.

The pack is delivered in a stunning display box set and includes the four 2019 seasonal gins (200ml each)—meaning you will get our 2019 Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter gins.

Summer 2019: Red clover & tangelos

Autumn 2019: Crabapples, cinnamon & lemon balm

Winter 2019: Honey & lemon

Spring 2019: Yuzu & pink peppercorn

If a particular seasonal gin happens to be sold out or is otherwise unavailable, we will get in touch with your ASAP to arrange another seasonal gin of your choosing.

Embrace the seasons and enjoy a full flavour experience of Aotearoa craft gin.

Expect approximately two business days for the package to arrive in most New Zealand locations (rural deliveries and South Island may take longer). 

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