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Autumn 2020 Cocktail Pack

4 bottles


Celebrate the release of our 2020 Autumn Seasonal Gin with this delicious cocktail pack and recipes delivered to your door!

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Introducing our …

Autumn 2020 Seasonal Gin Cocktail Pack

About this Gin: Journey from mountain-to-sea with this Aotearoa citrus-infused gin.

Singing with the lingering heat of late summer, Autumn 2020 features Taranaki oranges, mountain horopito (Pseudowintera colorata) and mairehau (Leionema nudum).

Fresh citrus notes and the excitement of our native pepperwood tree together create a delightfully spicy peppered orange gin.

Perfect on a cooler autumn evening. Enjoy with a slice of orange or mandarin.

About this Cocktail Pack:

  • Autumn 2020 Gin (200ml)
  • Juno Gin Extra Fine (200ml)
  • 2x Fever Tree Tonics
  • 2x recipes

On top of the Autumn 2020 Gin and Juno Gin Extra Fine bottles, you will receive a cocktail tutorial to make both a cold and hot Autumn cocktail, two tonics and insight from the makers of what makes this Autumn Gin so spectacular.

If you’re purchasing this pack during the Covid-19 lockdown, why not make it a social occasion by video calling one or some of your friends who also purchase the pack, make the cocktails at the same time and enjoy a well-deserved catch up over delicious gin!

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