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Summer 2018

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Distilled by
Dave James - Master Distiller
Unique Botanicals

Bergamot oranges

This summer has been extraordinary, and we have made a gin to match!

Using the potent angelica grown at Kaitake Farms in Oakura, along with local bergamot oranges, Summer 2018 is vibrant and enticing. Tongue-tingling deliciousness.

We distilled this extraordinary gin on what had to be the hottest day of summer—luckily an early start meant that we got to enjoy the surf at the end of the day. With all of the distillery doors and windows open, this gin is imbued with the spirit of summer.

The shining cuckoo, pipiwharauroa, on our label reflects the feeling of summer holidays—this bird flies from New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to spend summer in New Zealand. And the wee bee … the angelica is a bee magnet when in flower!

It was hot work, but we are all enormously proud of this very local, very special gin.

Exactly 1000 bottles are available—the distiller took the extra one home! A perfect end to a memorable day.