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Summer 2020

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Jo & Dave James
Unique Botanicals


Introducing Summer 2020—the first of our seasonal gins for the year!

Here’s distiller Jo James explaining the what, why and how of the Summer 2020 gin:

So, how did you arrive at the floral flavour profile?

It was thinking about the Garden Festival that Taranaki holds at the start of summer each year, and thinking about how beautiful and lush English country lanes are at the start of summer too.

While Taranaki hosts a magnificent collection of native and endemic species, some of our English imports also thrive in the rich volcanic soil and (mainly) mild weather that we have here. Celebrating the old and the new.

What do you love about the end result? How would you recommend people enjoy it?

I love its softness—like the velvety silken feel of a rose petal. The nose is herbaceous, but the flavour is a blend of green and floral. Delightful when seeking something soothing and calming at the end of the day.

And the new-look labels for the 2020 Seasonal gins, what’s behind this direction and what’s the significance of the boating image for Summer 2020?

The 2020 labels speak to the period of transition that Taranaki is going through as the province re-imagines its future sources of income and industry, and starts to talk about the kind of place we want to live in in the future.

The Summer 2020 image is drawn gazing down at the lake in Pukekura Park (a garden of National Significance) from Poet’s Bridge, looking at a rowboat move from light into the different realm defined by the shadow.

To me, the labels give a sense of movement, a transition from one state to another, a feeling of being on the edge of discovering something fresh and new. Borders crossed. Boundaries challenged.

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