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Winter 2018

Batch Date

Batch Size
Distilled by
Dave James - Master Distiller
Unique Botanicals

New Zealand-grown strawberries
Arapaho, Cayenne and Red Scorpion chillies

This season we wanted to capture the fiery heart of winter.

The strawberries have that heart shape and, although they are naturally sweet, we used that sweetness to balance out the chillies that really bring the fire to this gin.

So, what we have is a savoury gin that tastes right, well-balanced from the subtle sweetness of the strawberries. It’s a gin that is crying out for celery or tomato juice as a gin-based Bloody Mary, otherwise known as a Red Snapper. It’s also great served neat.

This balance of flavours in the gin is also key when making a cocktail—they shouldn’t be too sweet or too hot. When you have a balanced cocktail, flavours won’t stand head and shoulders above each other.