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Spring 2017

Batch Date

Batch Size
Distilled by
Dave James - Master Distiller
Unique Botanicals

Gorse flower
Mexican key lime
Lemon verbena
Tahitian lime blossom
Bearrs lime
Fresh mini lemons

A gin that captures the spirit of spring in the south Pacific: Vibrant, vigourous, exciting. Stormy one day, stunning the next.

We are over the moon with our Spring 2017 gin. It’s citrus and yellow-green notes carry the freshness of a crisp spring morning along with the warmth of summer’s promised arrival. Our Spring 2017 gin is one of just a few Juno gins that sit nicely with a Schweppes Tonic—perfect for the classic Kiwi G&T.

All these beautiful floral and citrus botanicals came together in the still on a stormy weekend in Taranaki when, just down the road from our distillery, the New Zealand All Black’s celebrated a narrow victory over the Argentinian Pumas.

Celebrate the arrival of spring in your life with a splash of vibrance and vigour.